Apple Just Crushed The Competition With The iPhone 6 Plus Design And iPhone 6 Price Point

Game, Set, Match.

That’s what Apple just scored on the competition.

The new iPhones just released by Apple will absolutely dominate the market, and soon.  From new features to the iPhone 6 price structure, it’s just about over for the competition.

If this was a tennis match, and you were keeping score between Apple and their competitors, the match is over! Samsung, HTC and others may have served first and gained points by starting their phones on the edge of ‘phablet’ and phone, but what Apple did today just changed the way the game could even be played.

It’s like being a 5-year old at their first tennis lesson facing down a Roger Federer serve – it’s not even fair.

For example, the new iPhone 6 Plus comes with a much larger screen size than traditional iPhones.  At 5.5 inches, the iPhone 6 Plus is the LARGEST iPhone has put out and is a direct challenge to market champion Samsung Galaxy s5.

From all the improvements we’ve seen, the one that catches our attention the most is the A8 processor.  It’s said to improve speed and performance up to 84x over the already hyper-fast A7 processor in Apple’s current 5s and 5c phones.  This upgrade makes the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus the fastest on the market.

And with the upcoming iOS 8 – you can expect the new iPhones to be optimized for processing speed and convenience of use.  Additionally the iPhone 6 price structure makes it easily affordable – so much so that it’s hard to imagine the new iPhones NOT dominating the market by mid-to-late October and definitely in time for Holiday shopping season.

The new iPhone 6 price is nothing more than the standard $199 upfront with a standard 2-year contract.  And with all it’s upgrades and improvements – These new phones are positioned to dominate the market and crush the competition.

Just like Federer serving the ball. It’s over.

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