Review Of The Top Smartphone Cameras

Top Smartphone Cameras are big business today. In a recent report by Business Insider, they reported that the top usage of most smartphones by users is for Apps and social media.  With camera based Apps like Instagram and Snapchat being some of the most popular Apps on the market today. What that all means is that people are using their phones as cameras more and more.  And if you’re shopping for a new phone, you want to find the best deals on a new phone, and a great deal on the top smartphone cameras available.

There are so many things to consider when one is shopping for a new phone, and not knowing what to look for can end up being very costly.  There are a number of reviews and tons of information out there and it can be really confusing.  So review sites like summarize all the information out there today to help you find a cheap phone deal.

A recent review focuses on everything you need to consider when you’re shopping for a new phone, from service provider to ranking the top smartphone cameras.

Be as informed as you can, know what to look for and help save your self time and money.  Check out Business Insider, Cnet and 10 Best Smartphones to find all the information you need to help you find an incredible deal on a new phone.

For specific reviews of the top smartphone cameras as well as rankings of all the best new smartphones on the market, is your place.  They review all the information available and compile it into a concise, simple report to help you make the most informed decision.

From Apple to Samsung, Amazon Fire Phone to HTC and more, they provide you with all the facts you need to find a great phone at incredible prices.

Know How To Find A Cheap Phone Among All The Best New Smartphones

With so many new smartphones out there today it can be difficult to find the top smartphone. The never-ending stream of news can easily be overwhelming if you do, in fact, let it.
It’s just like eating a large big pizza. You can’t shove the whole pie in your mouth at the same time; you will have to eat it bite by bite.

cheap phone
best new smartphones are like this pizza

What you should do is find a website like Business Insider or to help you summarize the information. These websites will help you to look for the best deal on a cheap phone regardless of the brand. The information you want to look for will focus on these 3 tips: Tech Features, Service Provider and Price.

Tech Features: The body, blood and guts of your respective new phone, the hardware and software features that highlight all the best aspects of each phone. These articles should mention features such as phone screen size, or the actual dimensions of a given new phone, namely its height and weight. Is it made of aluminum or plastic, and what is the battery life? What about video quality and screen resolution? These articles should at least mention these aspects. Finally, what operating system is installed and in what way is it possible it may integrate with other devices. Keep in mind, features are what draw you to the smartphone and are generally what separate each phone from the competition.
Service Provider Options: If you crack the screen or have an issue, does the service provider help insure your investment? Also, once you buy a smartphone is it under contract, month-to-month, or unlocked? By knowing what options to look for will allow you to discover a cheap phone. And by overlooking this minor, yet critical detail, it very possibly could be more costly over the years of your smartphone’s life.
Price: What can you pay and what comes with a smartphone at that price? Some phones like the Amazon Fire Phone, are available only through the manufacturer. What this arrangement allows Amazon to do is sell their smartphone at a price that makes it an incredibly cheap phone deal. Others of the best new smartphones sold are with a standard two-year service contract to subsidize the total cost of your new phone. Additionally you can find a smartphone without a service contract, called an unlocked phone, but these usually cost a lot more.
One advantage that comes with all the large number of new phones flooding the market is that you can purchase many other types of smartphones from existing stock is obtainable for a reduced rate. This liquidation makes it a breeze to get yourself a cheap phone. Unless you happen to need only the most effective and newest smartphone, this might be an awesome choice for you to consider.

Just as we said, when you’re searching for a new smartphone there is a trove of data to take into account. Search for all the information from technical aspects such as Operating System and software, to service providers and price points to help you decide. By analyzing these three tips, you’ll find a great smartphone at an unbelievable value. And if you want a cheap phone, knowing these ideas can help immensely as well.
By taking the time to review various technology and consumer electronics sites to educate you more.
There’s tons information on the net, so much, in fact, that it could be more than overwhelming. A website like Business Insider is an awesome resource or

best new smartphones
best new smartphones and cheap phone deals

What sites like these do are summarize all the specifications and other details to help you find a deal or cheap phone. The time spent will help save you money and make your shopping experience and phone usage much better.
Happy Shopping! - DOTD


Apple Just Crushed The Competition With The iPhone 6 Plus Design And iPhone 6 Price Point

Game, Set, Match.

That’s what Apple just scored on the competition.

The new iPhones just released by Apple will absolutely dominate the market, and soon.  From new features to the iPhone 6 price structure, it’s just about over for the competition.

If this was a tennis match, and you were keeping score between Apple and their competitors, the match is over! Samsung, HTC and others may have served first and gained points by starting their phones on the edge of ‘phablet’ and phone, but what Apple did today just changed the way the game could even be played.

It’s like being a 5-year old at their first tennis lesson facing down a Roger Federer serve – it’s not even fair.

For example, the new iPhone 6 Plus comes with a much larger screen size than traditional iPhones.  At 5.5 inches, the iPhone 6 Plus is the LARGEST iPhone has put out and is a direct challenge to market champion Samsung Galaxy s5.

From all the improvements we’ve seen, the one that catches our attention the most is the A8 processor.  It’s said to improve speed and performance up to 84x over the already hyper-fast A7 processor in Apple’s current 5s and 5c phones.  This upgrade makes the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus the fastest on the market.

And with the upcoming iOS 8 – you can expect the new iPhones to be optimized for processing speed and convenience of use.  Additionally the iPhone 6 price structure makes it easily affordable – so much so that it’s hard to imagine the new iPhones NOT dominating the market by mid-to-late October and definitely in time for Holiday shopping season.

The new iPhone 6 price is nothing more than the standard $199 upfront with a standard 2-year contract.  And with all it’s upgrades and improvements – These new phones are positioned to dominate the market and crush the competition.

Just like Federer serving the ball. It’s over.

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