Can You Find The Best Smartphone On The Market?

Having written about all the latest smartphone news, we’ve covered topics as varied as what are the best new smartphones; we’ve ranked the best smartphone camera, and provided tips and deals on all the top smartphones. Our interest is providing you with everything we can find to help you get the best smartphone on the market at a price you want.

To help you out, we use three main criteria: Cost, Hardware and Software.

For starters, we recommend you look at the cost for a new smartphone. Our next suggestion is to look at the physical material that makes the phone, and as an added bonus, you should factor which smartphone has the best camera to assist your evaluation as well. Finally, you should explore the software and Operating System that will make your phone perform.

What does that all mean for you? In evaluations, there are two main degrees: Objective and Subjective. Our opinion is subjective but we try to focus on the objective strengths about our product review.

Understand that in any evaluation there are objective points and subjective points to consider. The objective points to consider are things like the screen size compared to other phones. Subjective points are things like the software and user preference. For example, the 100 Meter sprint in track and field is an outcome determined upon an objective scale. You have a winner and a loser. There is a time standard that cannot be skewed or evaluated other than fastest time wins.

Subjective evaluations have more biases involved and these evaluations are like diving competitions. They are judged upon their technical merit and aesthetics multiplied by a degree of difficulty to come to a standard score. The judges will gauge as much about the performance as they do with technique. In other words, it’s what the judges like about the performance as much as the performance itself.

For determining the best smartphone on the market, you need to evaluate the objective and subjective equally. While I may enjoy diving, you may be all about track and field.

You can agree or disagree with us, and that’s our point. Subjectivity is determined by factors and variability. As Shakespeare is known to have written, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We’re providing an evaluation that is subjective, but one that also focuses upon the objective to help you decide if you agree with us or not.

Cost: An unlocked phone gives you the freedom to move around between various service providers, but for an unlocked phone you’re going to pay more. A standard two-year contract will get you one of the best new smartphones at a subsidized price, but at the cost of being locked into a data plan and with one cell phone service provider.

In essence, spend more for flexibility, sign a contract and be locked into one data plan but get a huge price break on a new phone.

Hardware: You need to think of this as the body, the flesh and bones for your new phone. If you prefer larger screens than you’re living in the golden age of smartphones. One thing to consider is the type of casing for your phone. Are you ok with dimpled plastic cases that stick in your hand, than the Samsung Galaxy is a perfect one for you. Or do you like the sleek aluminum shell that comes with all of Apple’s phones? There’re so many outstanding phones available that to name one the best smartphone on the market right now is a subjective call.

An added bonus that you should give some consideration for is the smartphone camera. Previously we’ve seen them reviewed and decided upon the best smartphone camera is with Apple.

(read here to see why)

Software: Just as the Hardware is the body of your new smartphone, the software is the brain that makes it go. Android is a great platform and marketplace for all their Apps, while Apple has their software system integrate seamlessly with other Apple devices. If you’re into a specific brand like Apple, then getting a smartphone that integrates smoothly like with Apple makes sense. If you don’t need a lot of interaction between devices and want access to the world’s largest App marketplace, then Android is the best option for you.

Like most things in life, there’s some subjectivity to deciding the best smartphone on the market right now. In the end, your decision about the best of the best is all about preference.

For price, design, and utility we call the iPhone 6 the best smartphone on the market right now.

What are your thoughts?  Do you agree?

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End Of The Year Best Of List: Top Smartphones Of 2014

It happens every year.  Like a broken clock is correct twice a day, you can count on it happening, and this year is no different.

What are we talking about? The end of the year awards and best of lists.  From best smartphone camera to top smartphones, the latest smartphone news and more, there are lists for everything.

And there’re everywhere.

Like bacteria these lists are prominent. Capital ‘P’ – prominent.

From best music, TV shows, movies, sporting events and more, the best of lists are one of the most reliable incidents every year. There are lists on lists on lists.

We’ve seen the top 10 lists of cat fails on YouTube, we’ve seen Best Of Independent Movies online.  Like we’ve said, these lists are everywhere.

At 10 Best Smartphones they just published the top smartphones of 2014 and include the top 8 as they see it. With iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones and more, their list includes a number of the best new smartphones, and some on their list may surprise you. This is the latest in smartphone news and the list includes a number of great tips to help you see the best of 2014.

While the list doesn’t delve into the best smartphone camera, you can get a general idea of the best of the best new smartphones.  The list of top smartphones also includes opportunities to save money and get great deals on all the smartphones on their list.

Regardless of what you think is the best of the best, looking at these lists can help reinforce your thoughts or expose you to something new.  You should spend some time and look around at these lists.  Especially if you’re looking for a great deal on one of the best new smartphones.

With the end of the year already here, the Best of Lists is a great way to compile a lot of information in a snapshot to help you.  The more you know the easier it is to decide on your next phone.

If you’re interested in finding deals on the best new smartphones out there right now, you need to look at the 8 top smartphones of 2014 on the 10 Best Smartphones blog.  Click the link above to read the article or click HERE to see the list!

How To Know Get The Best Smartphone Camera For Your Hobby Cheap

If you’re into mobile picture taking and online photo sharing, the smart move to is to get an outstanding smartphone. And lucky for you, currently there are plenty of top smartphones that come with a great camera included. This is awesome news for the photography enthusiast, and the trick is to find the best smartphone camera cheap.

Because of the wide variety of options available to you, you need to give some consideration to how you want your smartphone to function. Knowing how you plan to use your new phone will help you look for the right phone at the best price.

While most of the top smartphones look and act similar, there are some key differences in their abilities, especially for still-photo capture and image resolution. We won’t review the differences here, or do a smartphone comparison either, but below we offer you 4 tips to help you find the top smartphones cheap.

Decide Before You Buy: Knowing what you want and how you plan to use your phone before you shop will help you save some time and most of all, money. If you need one of the top smartphones, you shouldn’t just buy a cheap one. If you buy on impulse, you may pay more for an inferior product. Remember that you’re looking for a phone that will enhance your passion for photography and make it much more exciting.

Don’t Sacrifice For Price: If you want a cheap phone, realize it may not have all the current hardware or software to help you share incredible pictures online. And you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your photo and data options simply to get a deal for an inexpensive phone. If you take shortcuts on your new phone, it could cause it to be tougher to upload and share your entire brilliant photos online.

So do some research, especially online (more on this below) and you’ll be able to find what you need at a price you want.

Every one of the top smartphones that are available right now can be found at a discount price. But only if you’re willing to do the legwork necessary to find the deals. Let’s say that again, prior to buying a device on-line or offline, shop around. A great way to find out which device you should spend money on is by getting some recommendations.

Use Social Media: What is your price for top smartphones and what are the phones being used by your friends and family members? There may be a reason that the phones may be popular and by spending a little time on social media should reveal the details about the strengths and weaknesses of each phone.

Another social media tip is to use online forums that are populated by other photography enthusiasts. These people share your passions and appetites for photography and may be discussing the exact phone you’re researching. You may even stumble upon what about these top smartphones makes the best smartphone camera for your hobby. You may also find some tips and tricks to make a saving and enhance your abilities, as well as photo sharing options.

Use Online Reviews: From Vimeo to YouTube and others, there are several product assessments and reviews online that you can access for free. Just a bit of online searches can yield a wealth of results, and you might even come across both written and video reviews to help you. These reviews offer views from experts, consumers and hobbyists alike. If you spend a little time doing some research, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find online.

For those that are enthusiastic about mobile photography, knowing which of the top smartphones is the best smartphone camera for your needs can be difficult. We’ve made a few suggestions to help you and by devoting plenty of time and requesting recommendations while researching via the Internet you’re sure to get your hands on an excellent device.

For more tips and suggestions to save you money, go to and access their resources page to get great deals.

Know These 3 Things And Save Money

Find Deals On The Most Popular Smartphones

When shopping for a new smartphone this holiday season, there’s a lot to consider. So much to consider that it can become more than overwhelming if you let it. From shopping for the best smartphone camera, to the fastest smartphone or even the thinnest smartphone, it can be even more difficult to decipher all the news.

So, if you’re shopping for a holiday gift or simply looking to upgrade your current cellphone, knowing where to look is as important as what you want to buy. This never-ending stream of news can be more than overwhelming if you allow it.

Think of it like eating a steak. Whether it’s a filet mignon or a New York Strip, you know that you can’t just shove it all into your mouth at once. You’ll choke. And that’s why restaurants always bring you a steak knife; you’ll need to cut the steak into bite-sized pieces and eat it one bite at a time. The Holiday season is already stressful enough, and nobody wants to perform the Heimlich on someone choking on a whole steak.

Eat slowly.

Find Great Deals For The Best Smartphone Camera This Holiday

 What you should look for is a website or blog that summarizes all the features and key aspects of the smartphone, often they rank the top smartphone into lists to help you decide.


Sites such as Business Insider and TechCrunch, for example, will prove it’s trustworthiness over time, and their reviews should establish some authority.

These sites will be the ones that provide a ton of information on a cell phone you’re looking for and helps you be more informed than prior to reading their material. Articles should inform you on how to look for the best deals on a cheap phone despite brand.

Find the best smartphone camera and deals on all smartphones by using the following tips.

These tips are, in order, you want to find information about the Technical, Service and Price.

Technical: These are the hardware features of your new cell phone. These include the type of materials your new phone is made from as well as the type of software that operates the phone. So a good review will discuss the body, screen and operating software that helps make the phone run efficiently. For the un-educated, software is what helps any best new smartphone camera operate well.

Other features may be phone’s screen size, as well as actual dimensions of the new phone, such as its height and weight. The reviews should also focus upon whether composed of aluminum or plastic, along with other important specs such as battery life.

One more important point to consider is what operating system runs the phone and just how might it integrate between other devices and your smartphone. For example, Android may offer the largest smartphone App market on earth, but it has issues communicating between other devices sometimes. Apple, however, makes their Operating System easily integrate between all their devices.

All of these features can make a massive difference in the phone’s performance.

Service: This refers to the service providers you wish to align with your new smartphone. What do you want to pay and what do you want your phone to be able to do at that cost?

What if you crack the screen? Or what if you break the camera lens on the best smartphone camera that you just purchased?

Another thing to consider with service is when you buy your smartphone do you prefer a two-year standard contract, or do you prefer a month-to-month deal?

Price: Simply, how much do you want to pay for your new smartphone? Are you in the market to buy a new smartphone for yourself, shopping for a loved one, or looking for a phone for business? Also what do you expect to pay and what do you expect to get in return for that price?

Some phones are made available only through the original manufacturer such as the Amazon Fire Phone. What this strategy allows Amazon, is the power to offer their product at a ridiculous deal for a new cheap phone.

Other providers such as Google has moved away from this business model and now offered their new Google Nexus 6 with a standard two-year service contract to subsidize the price of a new phone.

Last, you may find offers that enable you to purchase your new cell phone without a service contract called an unlocked smartphone, but usually costs far more upfront.

One benefit with the range of new phones that you can purchase today is that the existing stock is obtainable for a reduced rate.

As we’ve said, when you’re seeking out a new smartphone there is a mountainous amount of data to consider about.

Remember, the goal is to find a review that allows you to a look at everything from the technical aspects such as Operating System and software, to the service providers and finally price points.

By searching for these three tips, you will discover a great smartphone at an incredible deal. And if you want a cheap phone, knowing these pointers can help immensely too.Take the time to review technology articles and consumer electronic sites. And while you read these articles use these three tips to research your next new smartphone.

There’s a lot of information that you can find about any subject. Especially in peak periods like the holidays, so much info that it can become more than overwhelming. A website like Business Insider or TechCrunch can be awesome resources, as can blogs like 10 Best Smartphones. What sites like these genuinely do is to summarize all the specifications and other details to help you find a deal or cheap phone.

The time spent will help save you money, make your shopping experience more enjoyable and help your smartphone usage that much better.

If you’re looking for the best smartphone camera, or merely deals on a new smartphone this holiday season, there are countless ways to use these tips to help you.

If you’re looking for a great deal this Holiday season, check out our RESOURCES page for more tips and suggestions on even more great offers and deals.  Click NOW for deals!

Review Of The Top Smartphone Cameras

Top Smartphone Cameras are big business today. In a recent report by Business Insider, they reported that the top usage of most smartphones by users is for Apps and social media.  With camera based Apps like Instagram and Snapchat being some of the most popular Apps on the market today. What that all means is that people are using their phones as cameras more and more.  And if you’re shopping for a new phone, you want to find the best deals on a new phone, and a great deal on the top smartphone cameras available.

There are so many things to consider when one is shopping for a new phone, and not knowing what to look for can end up being very costly.  There are a number of reviews and tons of information out there and it can be really confusing.  So review sites like summarize all the information out there today to help you find a cheap phone deal.

A recent review focuses on everything you need to consider when you’re shopping for a new phone, from service provider to ranking the top smartphone cameras.

Be as informed as you can, know what to look for and help save your self time and money.  Check out Business Insider, Cnet and 10 Best Smartphones to find all the information you need to help you find an incredible deal on a new phone.

For specific reviews of the top smartphone cameras as well as rankings of all the best new smartphones on the market, is your place.  They review all the information available and compile it into a concise, simple report to help you make the most informed decision.

From Apple to Samsung, Amazon Fire Phone to HTC and more, they provide you with all the facts you need to find a great phone at incredible prices.

Know How To Find A Cheap Phone Among All The Best New Smartphones

With so many new smartphones out there today it can be difficult to find the top smartphone. The never-ending stream of news can easily be overwhelming if you do, in fact, let it.
It’s just like eating a large big pizza. You can’t shove the whole pie in your mouth at the same time; you will have to eat it bite by bite.

cheap phone
best new smartphones are like this pizza

What you should do is find a website like Business Insider or to help you summarize the information. These websites will help you to look for the best deal on a cheap phone regardless of the brand. The information you want to look for will focus on these 3 tips: Tech Features, Service Provider and Price.

Tech Features: The body, blood and guts of your respective new phone, the hardware and software features that highlight all the best aspects of each phone. These articles should mention features such as phone screen size, or the actual dimensions of a given new phone, namely its height and weight. Is it made of aluminum or plastic, and what is the battery life? What about video quality and screen resolution? These articles should at least mention these aspects. Finally, what operating system is installed and in what way is it possible it may integrate with other devices. Keep in mind, features are what draw you to the smartphone and are generally what separate each phone from the competition.
Service Provider Options: If you crack the screen or have an issue, does the service provider help insure your investment? Also, once you buy a smartphone is it under contract, month-to-month, or unlocked? By knowing what options to look for will allow you to discover a cheap phone. And by overlooking this minor, yet critical detail, it very possibly could be more costly over the years of your smartphone’s life.
Price: What can you pay and what comes with a smartphone at that price? Some phones like the Amazon Fire Phone, are available only through the manufacturer. What this arrangement allows Amazon to do is sell their smartphone at a price that makes it an incredibly cheap phone deal. Others of the best new smartphones sold are with a standard two-year service contract to subsidize the total cost of your new phone. Additionally you can find a smartphone without a service contract, called an unlocked phone, but these usually cost a lot more.
One advantage that comes with all the large number of new phones flooding the market is that you can purchase many other types of smartphones from existing stock is obtainable for a reduced rate. This liquidation makes it a breeze to get yourself a cheap phone. Unless you happen to need only the most effective and newest smartphone, this might be an awesome choice for you to consider.

Just as we said, when you’re searching for a new smartphone there is a trove of data to take into account. Search for all the information from technical aspects such as Operating System and software, to service providers and price points to help you decide. By analyzing these three tips, you’ll find a great smartphone at an unbelievable value. And if you want a cheap phone, knowing these ideas can help immensely as well.
By taking the time to review various technology and consumer electronics sites to educate you more.
There’s tons information on the net, so much, in fact, that it could be more than overwhelming. A website like Business Insider is an awesome resource or

best new smartphones
best new smartphones and cheap phone deals

What sites like these do are summarize all the specifications and other details to help you find a deal or cheap phone. The time spent will help save you money and make your shopping experience and phone usage much better.
Happy Shopping! - DOTD


What’s New And The Latest Smartphone News

Now’s the time to be in the market for a new smartphone.  From new releases, incredible updates of the major Operating Systems and knowing all of that will help you find the best deals now, and in the near future.

A new post on the sister website 10 best smartphones was published today and you should take a look at it if you have a chance.

In it, the article discusses what’s been going on recently with all the upcoming smartphones.

From the release date of the Galaxy Note 4 and the upcoming Google Nexus phone, the article also points to some of the problems of the most recent iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.  The idea is to provide you with the most relevant and latest smartphone news to help you be more educated about which of the best new smartphones is the best one for you.

Another secret in the article hints at what to know to get the best deals… well, maybe you should just read the post.

Stay tuned for more information  about all the latest smartphone news and what you need to know about them in the near future!

The Amazon Fire Phone Makes Our Top Smartphone List, Here’s Why

Let’s Look At The Amazon Fire Phone To Add To Our Top Smartphone List

The New Fire Phone By

There’s a lot of information out there regarding the best new smartphones on the market, and any list should include a look at the Amazon Fire Phone. We looked at a number of reviews and articles, as well as the actual phone to help you decide.

This Amazon smartphone review will look at some of the key features and benefits associated with the new smartphone. Since there so many resources on the market regarding the recent phone released by Amazon, we summarize what we’ve found to help you decide on your next smartphone purchase.

All-in-all there are three categories we want to identify with this amazon smartphone review and rank them 1-3 points for each category in 3 separate categories:

1) Best Qualities

2) Poorest Qualities

3) Pricing Options and Deals
The Best Qualities Of The Amazon Fire Phone

Their patented ‘Dynamic Perspective’ technology gives every video, game and picture stunning 3-D views. With just a quick swivel or tilt of the screen, the user can access their Apps, Mayday and other Settings.
Also incorporated into the new Amazon smartphone is their Firefly technology to help you identify popular brands, movies, songs and various assorted products easily. Since Firefly identifies everything in the picture, this makes one-click shopping so simple and easy!
Another great feature is that their customer service – ‘Mayday’ service is quickly and easily accessible at the touch of a button.
1-year of Amazon Prime included with any purchase of a new Fire Phone.
Priced at $0.99 is an absolute STEAL! For 99 cents and a two-year service agreement you can get a new smartphone loaded with all the most important Apps of the android market, a 1-year Amazon Prime membership as well as special features only offered through Amazon!
The Aspects Of The Amazon Fire Phone That Hinder It… Just Slightly

With all the major add-ons we’ve already highlighted, the truth is, the Amazon smartphone really is just an average smartphone. Its one major technological advancement over the competitors is the Firefly that keeps the buyer locked into all things Amazon. While Firefly may identify all the brands and products in a picture or video the one-stop shopping linked with the Amazon store. For people that want the convenience, it’s a plus, but for anyone looking to cross-compare, it’s kind-of a dud.

However, All That Being Said The Amazon Smartphone IS Worth It

There are some good features that make the phone worth a look, and though it will be ‘locked’ into the Amazon store, the price alone makes it a deal.

Priced at 99 cents, and a 2-year service agreement with AT&T makes the new phone one you should consider. Plus when you consider you get a 1-year membership with Amazon Prime, the phone pays itself off and then some.

Find The Best Deals On Smartphones By Keeping Up On The Latest Smartphone News

Have you ever wondered what holiday deals exist before they’re released? I mean, have you ever thought about what new consumer electronics, clothes and other goods are going to be at a reduced price well before the Black Friday deals are publicized?

Seriously, if you’re like me, you hate standing in line waiting to grab a new TV only to have to push through a throng of people just to get to the cash register and drop a few hundred.  Well, what if you knew ahead of time what might go on sale before it was announced?

And what if I told you there was a simpler way than getting up at 4 am to stand in long lines and stand around with pushy people just to get that new TV, smartphone and speakers?

Well you could wait until Black Friday ends and then wait for Cyber-Monday, or you could watch for trends and news releases to anticipate the deals before they become public.

Pay attention to all the latest smartphone news by checking online at websites like Business Insider and Wired as well as many niche sites to get current info about all the best new smartphones available.

See, if you stay current on what’s upcoming with all the smartphones you can anticipate what deals may be available before they’re public.

For example, there are a number of new product releases coming soon, from Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the Google Nexus phone and of course, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

These close in proximity releases will help drive the price of current phones down, as well as be included in promotional deals.  Just look at all the sales and trade-ins being offered by service providers for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.  There are some outstanding deals already being offered, and what that means is that you can anticipate that with the holidays fast approaching, there will be countless new deals on consumer electronics to parallel all the new smartphones being released.

For all the greatest deals and sale prices on new smartphones find a reliable blog to keep up to date on the latest smartphone news to anticipate what will be the hottest trends this holiday season.