Will Apple Dominate The Smartphone Market?

The iPhone 7 May Be Out Soon

In a recent article on 9-to-5 Mac, they report that Apple is in negotiations with Samsung to help develop its flash memory for the next generation iPhones.  What this means is that Apple is looking to increase its iPhone memory, while dipping even more into Samsung’s market share.

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Increased memory will help the next generation of iPhones sync with their laptops, tablets and PC’s much, much easier and more effectively.

Also rumored is that the new line of iPhones may be called the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7 – a next generation, faster smartphone that may be the thinnest smartphone yet.  In addition to increased memory the next generation iPhone may do away with the home button.

The reason for this would be to make a much more solid device and improve security.  They are in the development stage of using a large force touch surface that would be responsive to the pressure of the touch.  By increasing the surface area that operates the phone, you’d be able to open and run your Apps like fingerprint or Apple pay much easier.

Another rumored addition that Apple is working into their next generation iPhones is retina id.  This would double the security of your iPhone making it virtually impossible to steal.


Whether you’re into Apple, or more interested in Samsung and other Android system cell phones, stay up to date on all the current market trends.

By staying up-to-date, you’ll be able to anticipate new technology and new devices, which will also allow you to anticipate sales on existing stock.  This is a great technique to save you money on your next smartphone – unless that is, you want the only the best new smartphones, then by knowing what’s coming, you can wait to get that new cell phone at a great price.

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The Best Smartphone For Productivity Is Built By?…

In the marriage between our personal lives and business obligations, too often we sacrifice our time at the altar of productivity.  Everyone knows that time is the most slippery and delicate of things we deal with in our day-to-day lives. It’s a commodity that has absolute value, and one we cannot afford to keep.

So the challenge is to find productivity and efficiency hacks to save time and in the process, our energy. In that vein, we got to think about what is the best smartphone for productivity and efficiency.

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Take Note, The Samsung Galaxy Line Is Great BUT…

(for review of the best smartphone on the market read this article)

These are great “phablet” style phones for entertainment, but not great for business or productivity. They are built with some of the largest displays and highest resolution screens of all the best new smartphones right now, but they also come with some serious flaws.  And these flaws may have serious ramifications that may affect your efficiency hack.

The primary issue is that it relies on a number of third-party hacks. This issue is due to their reliance on outside developers for their Apps marketplace and Software. By so doing, they have some increased flexibility with allowing more developers to create more and more Apps, but that also means with great access comes a lower level of security. And in any conversations that involve a discussion of the best smartphone for productivity, than just this fact alone makes them disqualified.

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How can third-party Apps increase security risks?

Imagine if you had a bank account that you allowed everyone in your neighborhood to have access to with little-to-no paper trail or accountability. That’s how third-party Apps work. While the positive of third-party developers is a larger volume of options available, it also means that there is a ton of poorly designed and riskier Apps. And once you purchase them, they have access to anything and everything on your phone.

Don’t risk your most important, valuable information to any number of unknown hackers.  Protect your data like you would your life and you’ll be able to improve your productivity safely and securely.

So Who Makes The Best Smartphone For Productivity And Security? Apple…

Apple, Inc. is that one company that is a perfect blend of productivity and efficiency. They also built iconic iPhone brand with an incredible suite of Apps in every phone. Every iPhone comes with an amazing suite of built-in Apps such as their documents App called Pages, to their spreadsheet functions App called Numbers and Keynote for presentations. These Apps being factory installed means that there is absolutely no reason to expose yourself to the risk of third-party software.

Additionally, the mailbox and calendar Apps included as part of your device helps sync any email address and daily activity. By coordinating mail and your calendar, you can set your device to remind you of daily, weekly and monthly reminders for appointments, meetings, and other important events. What this all means for you the end user, is that you have an incredible amount of resources at your disposal to make this the best smartphone for productivity. All of this also allows iPhones to communicate with other devices, specially made by Apple, to communicate flawlessly as well.

If you’re looking to improve your efficiency and save time, then finding ways to increase productivity in a safe manner is critical.

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Are You Ready? Black Friday Phone Deals Are Here

It happens every year.

If you’re not prepared, it can end up costing you a FORTUNE.

Do you want to save money, time and energy?

Be warned.

Are you ready for Black Friday?

In the grand scheme of things, there is always going to be the ‘next, best’ thing.  Especially around peak shopping seasons, you’ll see a ton of new releases and upgrades as the manufacturers compete for a larger market share.  Some of the new smartphones on the market right now are awesome, but the quantity of releases seems a little bit much.

So are the manufacturers in collusion with each other?

Probably not.

But the timing of so many new phones being released at the same time does seem a little too convenient.  But it’s not to odd when you consider that Black Friday is the single most busy day of the year.  There are some incredible deals on Black Friday and if you know where to look, you should find an amazing deal for any of cell phones that make our rankings of the best smartphone camera.

This holiday shopping season, know what you want before you begin to shop for a new phone. If you spend a little time to research all the most important features, price and service options, you’ll find a great deal.  There’ll be plenty of Black Friday phone deals going on all around you, but don’t get caught up in the hype, know what you want ahead of time.  It’ll save you time, energy and money on your next smartphone.

From HTC One M8, Google Nexus 8 or Apple vs Samsung phones, there are some incredible ways to find cheap phone deals. This Black Friday not understanding how to find a good deal could cost you a lot more than you want to pay.

Or ignore all the pointers and tips we offer.  You’ll just end up paying more for your phone.

Unless you’re Warren Buffet or Donald Trump, you probably don’t have money to burn.

By paying more for your next phone, you’ll have less money to spend on the rest of your family and loved ones.

Don’t ruin your family’s holidays.

Make this holiday the best one yet by saving money on your next smartphone.

Check out 10 Best Smartphones for tricks, tips and reviews to help you save money on any best smartphone camera on our list.


Apple vs Samsung: We Review The Best Smartphone Cameras

Apple vs Samsung Smartphones Reviewed

The Holidays Are Just Around The Corner, Are You Ready?

Its that time of year again.  Its Fall in the US and that means that as the weather is getting cooler, the holidays are just around the corner. And knowing where to find great deals for your next smartphone could save you a ton of money.  .

Are you ready for holiday shopping season? It’s just around the corner!

We’ve survived the assault of all the new smartphones, so now it’s time to begin to rate every one of them. From ranking the best smartphone cameras to their battery life and operating system and much, much more, there’s a ton of things to discuss. In this review, we’ll look at Apple vs Samsung and decide which is the best one for your holiday needs.

Trending currently is that all the newest smartphones are getting bigger, and the growing screen size for all the recently released phones reflects this trait. Just like the gigantic Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy s5 by Samsung most smartphones are now taking on the size and aspects of small tablets.

So eventually it was just a matter of time before Apple noticed. What Apple did was to go directly at Samsung in the large tablet market and have made two incredible new phones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. At 4.7 and 5.5”, these new iPhones are the largest iPhones ever created.

In this Apple vs Samsung review, we look at how important the screen size is and how it relates to the best smartphone cameras.

As the screen sizes have increased, we’ve noticed a parallel with screen size and amazing improvements in camera and video technology as well.

The aspects in this report that we highlight are the number of megapixels per camera, resolution strength for images and, of course, the Operating Software built into the smartphone.

Apple vs Samsung: Key Highlights For Each Of The Best Smartphone Cameras Available
Samsung Galaxy s5:

• A 16-megapixel front-facing camera

• Single LED flash to brighten background lighting

• Improved HDR technology to boost pictures taken in low-light situations

• The quickest auto-focus technology to help stabilize every picture

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

• A 16-megapixel front-facing camera

• Optimal Image Stabilization

• 3,840 x 2,160 UHD video resolution

The iPhone 6

• An 8-megapixel camera

• Auto Focus pixels in order to boost image refinement

• Dual LED flash to eliminate shadows and red-eye

• Slow-motion video capture at 60 or 240 (fps) frames per second

The iPhone 6 Plus

• 8-megapixel high-definition ‘iSight’ front-facing camera

• Retina display for image viewing

• Panoramic picture taking in dynamic stabilization

Other Things To Consider In The Apple vs Samsung Debate
In the Apple vs Samsung debate, it’s difficult to select among the best smartphone cameras when it comes to photographic quality. The strengths of each cell phone will come down to what you want and how you plan to use it. In other words, what that means is that when you’re shopping for a deal during the holiday shopping season, you really make a bad decision.

Regardless of what you want from your new phone, choosing between the best smartphone cameras isn’t that difficult, and as we said you can’t go wrong with any of these best smartphone cameras.

The next couple questions you need to think about while holiday shopping, is what will are you willing to pay for and just what are the service options you desire for that price point?

Knowing these two answers will allow you to find a great phone at a price you would like to pay. Typically both price and service options are intertwined.

So do you want a new smartphone at a brand new price, or are you willing to tie the phone up with a standard service agreement? If you want, you can get an unlocked smartphone, which is the term for buying a smartphone without a service contract. This decision means that you can get a new smartphone without tethering it to a service provider, but it’ll cost you more.

The trade-off to get this type of purchase is the flexibility and freedom to alter your service plans as required. Say, for example, you don’t plan on using your data plan much during the winter, why pay a premium price? And when you want to add features and data, you can look at all the service providers and find a deal that fits your current needs.

One thing to consider, if you know where to look there is a number of deals to be found. From Verizon to Sprint to Boost Mobile, there are plenty of ways to get the phone you want with the service you might need.

Just keep in mind that having an unlocked smartphone can be a little dicey though. If you break your phone or want to upgrade it, you’re kind of out of luck. A service provider agreement acts a lot like an insurance plan for you phone in the instance of damage.

In the Apple vs Samsung debate, you can’t go wrong. There are some incredible new cell phones, and we’ve rated the best smartphone cameras for you to help you decide.

If you’re shopping for a new phone this holiday season shopping for a loved one, or just want a new cell phone for yourself, know what you want and how much you’re willing to pay.

In the end, knowing these pointers during the holiday shopping season will save you time, money and energy.

To find daily deals and holiday shopping tips, http://www.10bestsmartphones.com has all the latest news on upcoming smartphones.