The Google Nexus 6 Is One Amazing Top Smartphone

The Google Nexus 6 Is A Breathtaking Top Smartphone

Google released their brand new Nexus 6 smartphone to counter their rivals recent phones. Put another way, the scheduling obviously is to challenge the iPhone 6, and it’s bigger cousin the iPhone 6 Plus in the marketplace and try to steal the headlines from Apple.
We’ve evaluated the all of the best aspects for all of the best new smartphones to assist you before purchasing one. In this review, we take aim at the new Google Nexus 6 smartphone, and our reporting may very well be surprising.
What We Know Already About The Google Nexus 6
Just like their other phones, the Google Nexus 6 is manufactured by Motorola. The one MAJOR feature is a huge 6-inch screen that makes mobile video watching an amazing experience.
Utilizing a 1440 x 2560 resolution plus a 13-megapixel camera, you’ll take breathtaking pictures and watch video in stunning definition.
The Nexus 6 can be obtained contract-free (unlocked) for $649. That’s right; the Google Nexus 6 is the most costly of Google’s phones. If you want a cheap smartphone, one option you might think about is to purchase it utilizing a standard 2-year service agreement. By purchasing it with a standard contract, you’ll be eligible for the Google Nexus 6 at a price of $349. The other change made with this release is that you can get the phone with service options provided from all the chief carriers from Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile, US Cellular and Sprint.

This move by Google is clearly a ploy to improve its market access and differentiates from its classic model of only releasing their smartphones on Google Play store and T Mobile. By putting the Nexus 6 into more carriers, the hope is the idea that it certainly will help Google expand its market share of all smartphone business.

For the software, Google Nexus 6 runs on the Android Lollipop OS, and that will certainly update shortly. By running on Android Lollipop OS, you have got the ability to access the largest App marketplace on the earth.
How Will This Affect The Top Smartphone Market?

Considering the crowded marketplace with the iPhone 6, the Samsung Note 4, the significantly larger iPhone 6 Plus and now the Google Nexus 6 there’s a number of outstanding options for your next smartphone purchase.
What this marketplace saturation means is that come the holiday shopping season, you’ll find some outstanding deals on several the best new smartphones.

There are plenty of deals depending on whether you’re in the market to acquire a new cheap phone or attempting to find one of the best new smartphones.
While the Google Nexus 6 is a top smartphone there are also numerous deals on any older, cheap smartphone if you have a good knowledge of how, and where, to look.

Just as we mentioned prior, the benefit of each one of these new phones will certainly be that come holiday shopping season, you’ll be able to find a cheap phone easily. These deals may suit your needs better than a brand new phone and for a price that is much more reasonably affordable.

From Black Friday deals to Cyber-Monday steals and December shopping, there’s a price that will amaze you, in case you have the patience to anticipate a little bit longer. So sit tight, it ought to be well worth the period.
There are several internet stores to discover the best prices, so consider phones on Amazon, inside the Google Play store or Best Buy and many more to locate your holiday shopping deal.

When you think about it, there are always more options for entertainment from music to video offered through streaming. As well as the indisputable fact that much more of our memory is now in cloud storage, how are you going to not realize that personal computing will undoubtedly be significantly more mobile in the future?
The Google Nexus 6 is arguably one of the best new smartphones these days which will make this transition to a great deal more mobile platform a fact.

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, we recommend a few of them and review all of these to assist you make a more informed decision with 10 best smartphones.

Get up to date information at 10 best smartphones about all the latest smartphone news.

What’s New And The Latest Smartphone News

Now’s the time to be in the market for a new smartphone.  From new releases, incredible updates of the major Operating Systems and knowing all of that will help you find the best deals now, and in the near future.

A new post on the sister website 10 best smartphones was published today and you should take a look at it if you have a chance.

In it, the article discusses what’s been going on recently with all the upcoming smartphones.

From the release date of the Galaxy Note 4 and the upcoming Google Nexus phone, the article also points to some of the problems of the most recent iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.  The idea is to provide you with the most relevant and latest smartphone news to help you be more educated about which of the best new smartphones is the best one for you.

Another secret in the article hints at what to know to get the best deals… well, maybe you should just read the post.

Stay tuned for more information  about all the latest smartphone news and what you need to know about them in the near future!

The Amazon Fire Phone Makes Our Top Smartphone List, Here’s Why

Let’s Look At The Amazon Fire Phone To Add To Our Top Smartphone List

The New Fire Phone By

There’s a lot of information out there regarding the best new smartphones on the market, and any list should include a look at the Amazon Fire Phone. We looked at a number of reviews and articles, as well as the actual phone to help you decide.

This Amazon smartphone review will look at some of the key features and benefits associated with the new smartphone. Since there so many resources on the market regarding the recent phone released by Amazon, we summarize what we’ve found to help you decide on your next smartphone purchase.

All-in-all there are three categories we want to identify with this amazon smartphone review and rank them 1-3 points for each category in 3 separate categories:

1) Best Qualities

2) Poorest Qualities

3) Pricing Options and Deals
The Best Qualities Of The Amazon Fire Phone

Their patented ‘Dynamic Perspective’ technology gives every video, game and picture stunning 3-D views. With just a quick swivel or tilt of the screen, the user can access their Apps, Mayday and other Settings.
Also incorporated into the new Amazon smartphone is their Firefly technology to help you identify popular brands, movies, songs and various assorted products easily. Since Firefly identifies everything in the picture, this makes one-click shopping so simple and easy!
Another great feature is that their customer service – ‘Mayday’ service is quickly and easily accessible at the touch of a button.
1-year of Amazon Prime included with any purchase of a new Fire Phone.
Priced at $0.99 is an absolute STEAL! For 99 cents and a two-year service agreement you can get a new smartphone loaded with all the most important Apps of the android market, a 1-year Amazon Prime membership as well as special features only offered through Amazon!
The Aspects Of The Amazon Fire Phone That Hinder It… Just Slightly

With all the major add-ons we’ve already highlighted, the truth is, the Amazon smartphone really is just an average smartphone. Its one major technological advancement over the competitors is the Firefly that keeps the buyer locked into all things Amazon. While Firefly may identify all the brands and products in a picture or video the one-stop shopping linked with the Amazon store. For people that want the convenience, it’s a plus, but for anyone looking to cross-compare, it’s kind-of a dud.

However, All That Being Said The Amazon Smartphone IS Worth It

There are some good features that make the phone worth a look, and though it will be ‘locked’ into the Amazon store, the price alone makes it a deal.

Priced at 99 cents, and a 2-year service agreement with AT&T makes the new phone one you should consider. Plus when you consider you get a 1-year membership with Amazon Prime, the phone pays itself off and then some.

Who Do You Trust For Information About The Best New Smartphones?

The Best New Smartphones, Who Do You Trust?

A lot of review sites offer their take on the best new smartphones, but have you ever thought if their reviews help you decide or merely promote one phone over another?

Can you trust their reviews to be impartial?

Or do they gain some benefit from their ratings?

We look at as many reviews and phones as possible to offer tips that may help you look for the right smartphone for you and your needs. Do we promote the best new smartphones? Yes, but as opposed to other sites we try to give you as many facts as possible to help you choose.

We look at features, technical aspects of the hardware, to software and performance to the smartphone price here at 10 best smartphones so that you can choose the best fit for you.

In other words, we educate so that you can choose the best phone for you.

Take the recent launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, for example. At 10 best smartphones, we reviewed product information, online journal reviews and more just to get an idea of all the pluses and minuses that may accommodate the new iPhones to help you decide if the brand is the best one for your needs.

There’s a ton of information out there that makes it difficult to find the best new smartphones. And in an industry constantly changing, the news can be overwhelming.

We take all the news, all the information and summarize it all to help you decide.

One of the reasons we do the research for you is that we know a new smartphone is an investment. And like all investments, you want the most amount of facts as possible.

You wouldn’t buy stocks through a broker that threw darts at a wall and only chose the stocks that he hit, would you?

So why would you want anything less in choosing your next smartphone?

That’s why we’re here.

We love looking at all the best new smartphones available. We do the research that you may not have the time to do, but need to make the best choice.

So, for all your smartphone information, stayed tuned and we wish you the best in your search!

What Smartphone With Best Camera Options Is The Champion?

Which Smartphone Wins The Award For Smartphone With Best Camera?

What makes a champion? Might we know when see it and feel it no matter what, regardless of whether the person has recently won at something? And who decides who is the winner?
Well, no matter how you decide, many of us know already the best any time we witness it.

To make the choice between the best new smartphones and the one smartphone with best camera options is best, we’ve examined all of the necessary specs for you.

We’ve concentrated our attention on the top two leaders in the market with Apple and Samsung. Below, our assessment will look at the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with Samsung’s Galaxy s5 and Galaxy Note 4. Principle features that matter most directed our attention while thinking about the phone’s usability when trying to determine their rankings.

To understand which smartphone with best camera options deserves the prize of champion, we also examined the materials that’re installed with all of the best new smartphones to help you choose.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Released October 17, 2014 – the Galaxy Note 4 boasts a 5.7” display and includes a camera resolution of 16 megapixels. That rate includes a 515ppi pixel density. Combined with high pixel options, the Note 4 has a screen resolution that is undoubtedly an unbelievable 2560 x 1440, causing it to be a beast to try and rival video quality. One downfall? The clunky awkward stylus pen – does anybody still want or use one?

The Samsung Galaxy s5: AMOLED 1080 x 1920 (432ppi) resolution is going to make anybody who purchases the Galaxy s5 extremely happy with the video quality. This feature alone helps the s5 rank as one of the most superb of the best new smartphones available. Additionally, a 16 megapixel and LED flash results in the Galaxy s5 competitive on the table when it comes to the smartphone with best camera award.

The iPhone 6: Uses an 8-megapixel camera, dual LED flash and 1,750 x 1,334 (321ppi) Retina display that Apple claims is the most the human eye can recognize. However, the important strength of the new iPhone 6 happens to be the capability to capture video at 1080p, helping strengthen Apple’s bid for smartphone with the best camera for 2014. You won’t be disappointed!

The iPhone 6 Plus: The largest of Apple’s iPhone brand that has a 5.5” 1920 x 1080 Retina high-resolution screen and 8-megapixel iSight, the Plus will be the running when it comes to the smartphone with best camera award.

The Envelope Please, And The Winner IS…

They’re all winners regardless of which one you choose! No matter which of these best new smartphones you choose from, you’ll be more than happy with your decision.

But if you are serious about having just one champion, and need to have a single choice made for you, then here you go:

For video watching: The very best is clearly the Samsung Galaxy Note 4! Its extraordinary high-resolution display is awesome!

For picture taking and video making: The most superior one happens to be the iPhone 6 Plus! Having the ability to take high-resolution video in 1080p and expanded 5.5\” face the iPhone 6 Plus is hand’s down the winner. With incredible video making ability, this amazing iPhone by Apple is an excellent choice.

Beginning with the Samsung Galaxy s5 and of course the Galaxy Note 4, we compare them both with Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Paying attention to the strengths of their camera’s and screen resolution we’ve evaluated every aspect to assist you with your decision of what exactly is the smartphone with best camera options for you!

For deals and price-breaks on all your cell-phone needs go to or bookmark it!

Which Of Smartphone With Best Camera Deserves To Be Ranked The Best?

From Samsung To Apple We Review The Smartphone With Best Camera Options For You!
At 10 Best Smartphones, we’ve focused our attention to compare two of the top leaders in the market today and checked out all the necessary specs to determine which is the smartphone with best camera features to help you decide which the best match for you. Between giants in the market, Apple and Samsung, below are our findings of the comparisons and contrasts of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus versus Samsung’s Galaxy s5 and Galaxy Note 4.

We examine the simple features that matter most while thinking about usability when trying to judge their rankings.

To determine which smartphone with best camera options is deserving of the top prize, we scrutinize the hardware that comes installed with all of the best new smartphones that will let you decide.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4:
To be released October 17, 2014 – the Galaxy Note 4 boasts a 5.7” display with a camera resolution of 16 megapixels and a 515ppi pixel density. Additionally the Note 4 contains a screen resolution that is an incredible 2560 x 1440, that makes it a beast to rival video quality. For awesome video watching, this phablet may be the best choice.

The Samsung Galaxy s5 – With a super AMOLED 1080 x 1920 (432ppi) resolution screen will make everyone who purchases the Galaxy s5 extremely pleased with the video quality. Ranking it as one of the superbly best new smartphones available. Additionally, a 16-megapixel and LED flash helps ensure that the Galaxy s5 is competitive with the rest of the phones on the table for the title of smartphone with best camera award.

The iPhone 6 – Comes with an 8-megapixel camera, dual LED flash and 1,750 x 1,334 (321ppi) Retina display, the true strength of the iPhone 6 happens to be the capability to capture video at 1080p. This feature helps strengthen Apple’s bid as one of the bed new smartphones with the best camera for 2014. If you choose this, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

The iPhone 6 Plus – The largest of all of Apple’s iPhone brand comes with a 5.5” 1920 x 1080 Retina high-resolution screen and 8-megapixel iSight, making sure that the Plus is currently at the running for the smartphone with best camera award.

And The Winner IS…

Truthfully they’re all winners!

No matter which of these best new smartphones you prefer, you’ll be a bit more than overjoyed by your decision.

But if you ought to have a choice made for you, then here you go:

For video watching: The very best is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4! Its incredible high-resolution display is awesome!

For picture taking and video making: The victor is the iPhone 6 Plus! With the capability to take high-resolution video in 1080p and expanded 5.5″ face the iPhone 6 Plus is hand’s down the winner. With incredible video making ability, this amazing iPhone by Apple is a great choice.

Beginning with the Samsung Galaxy s5 to the Galaxy Note 4, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we’ve evaluated almost every best new smartphones available and placed special emphasis on their camera features to assist you decide what is the smartphone with best camera options for you!

Apple’s Best New Smartphones Are Already Unavailable!

Apple’s Newly Released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Are The Best New Smartphones Available!

Apple’s New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Is At This Moment UNAVAILABLE!

This review is a sample of one previously listed here.  In it the review talks about what to do if you really, really need the new iPhones and how to find them since they’re out of stock.

Here’s a snippet of the original article:

Apple admits that regardless of the fact that they planned for a big iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus debut; they underestimated the real demand for their cutting edge phones. Although the launch and purchase hasn’t gone as expected every one of us believe that the iPhones will dominate the market and typically be considered the very best new smartphones released to date.

Obviously Apple dropped the ball.  They fumbled on the goal line in the Super Bowl of releases when it came to their best new smartphones.

But they also recovered the ball and have a chance to score again.

But what if you really, really want the new phone? You just can’t wait?

You may be out of luck.

In a post by Business Insider, it’s revealed that you will find over 200,000 people performing work on making the new phones, and of course, the request is outstripping their power to make them in favor of delivery timely. Considered, this all explains why the new iPhones are on backorder and won’t be available anytime soon.

So What Should You Do To Get One Of The Best New Smartphones

You can attempt to preorder a new iPhone from Apple but fully understand that the backorder wait time is approximately 30 days.

You can try to preorder through a service provider for instance AT&T or Verizon for great deals. Just similar to the Apple site, there exists a backlog of orders.It’s possible to stand in line at the Apple store and hope that they would don’t be short of stock before you have a very ability to buy. Just keep in mind it really makes take an hour or two to get to the front of the line. But who has that type of valuable time?
Another option you can look at as an alternative is older versions such as the iphone 5s and grab a great phone cheap and without the trouble.

The Incredible, New iPhone 6 – Among the best new smartphonesiPhone 6 – Perhaps the best New Smartphones.
It’s worth the wait.

If you’re looking for additional tips, suggestions, reviews and deals, has all the deals and news you need!

T Mobile In Smartphone News Today

T Mobile Offers Great Deals On The Best New Smartphones

With the noise these days concerning what are known as the best new smartphones something that to consider is what phone provider you might need.

Most smartphones are paired with a mobile servicea mobile servicea service provider like AT&T and Verizon, but most providers lock you right into a contract to assist supplement the costs of the cellular telephone.

T-Mobile offers great bargains toward the best new smartphones by giving $0 down a low monthly rate to help you find a deal to be compatible with your budget.

On this blog we consider several of the best new smartphones that you can purchase and some of this very service options available for each. This side-by-side evaluation will make it easier to you make an informed choice in terms of finding the best deals for your mobile phone needs.

From iPhone To Samsung Galaxy s5 And Beyond, T-Mobile Might Be The Best Decision Available

With all of the smartphone news these days regarding the launch of the iPhone 6, we looked at various other service companies and did a side x side distinction of these offers.

  • iPhone 5s – T-Mobile offers $0 27 per month, AT&T offers $199 upfront along with a two-year service agreement, Verizon offers $199 upfront and two-year service agreement.
  • Samsung Galaxy s5 -Verizon offers two-options. The initial is $199 upfront and two-year service agreement, the second option being a $29.99 monthly obligation. AT&T offers the standard $199 upfront with 2-year service agreement. While T-Mobile offers $0 down plus $25.40 per month. This may be a good option if you are truly seeking the best deal.
  • Amazon Fire Phone – currently there is no choices of diverse rate plans as the Amazon Fire Phone is AT&T only, at a price of $199 plus yearly service plans for everyone in your family.

Know What You Need Before You Decide To Buy

After you decide on what new phone you want, knowing what service options you’d like really should be aspect of your decision.

From deals at AT&T, Verizon and others, looking for the more suitable service for your chosen new phone should help you choose an unbelievable deal.

And with the iPhone 6 on the horizon you will see some fantastic deals too.

Knowing regardless of if you wish to be secured into your annual or monthly commitment is something that you should know more about and getting the most amount of information achievable will allow you to decide.

Consider all the necessary possibilities, investigate all the service companies and find out if they offer whatever you plus your friends and family really need before you choose your next phone.

For your money, they’ll offer great phone deals with superb service – it’s what you is supposed to be in search of in various option you finally choose.

It’s your new smartphone so look for the have plans to pair it with and enjoy all of the benefits that’ll come with it.
In the end, you’ll be happy, your pocketbook will certainly be happy as well as your family will be happy!

Depending on the phone you want to purchase, we recommend t mobile for the best choice. Of all the alternatives we looked into, from AT&T, Verizon and others, they include good coverage area at affordable prices.

Keep up to date with all the best new smartphone news at

Things To Know In Smartphone News

Best New Smartphones 2014 – Reviews

Looking For A New Smartphone? Check Out These Reviews For Your Smartphone News

The following tips and reviews will assist you to continue to be in the know for all smartphones out there today!

News and Notes For SmartphonesApple Announces The Release Date For The New iPhone 6On September 9, 2014 Apple will announce the new iPhone along with other gagdgets.

From Verizon, ATT, Sprint and t mobile there are plenty of service providers for you to select from as soon as the new iPhone is for sale.

What This All Means Is There Are A Few Points To Keep In Mind

1) You will see new products and apps coming, not just for Apple merchandise, but anticipate the market to be jam-packed with new Apps, software and devices prior to the winter holiday season.

2) Expect incredible sales on current Apple iPhones and merchandise, which may also cause a price-break on other cell phones, as well as potentially new discounts on service providers such as t mobile and ATT et cetera.
Examine Many Technology Review Sites To See Comparisons

With the release of a a new iPhone, there will be a huge wave of the latest evaluations and comparisons regarding the latest technologies. Read these kinds of sites, among others, to help you make an informed choice regarding your new smartphone and to sustain apace for any smartphone news.

Here Are 3 Sites To Help You Stay Current On All Your Smartphone News

1) Gizmag’s Smartphone Review – a review of physical specs and features of all current cell phones on the market today.

2) Komando’s Smartphone Chart and Features – THE review that contains the most complete side-by-side comparison for all the most current smartphones.

3) 10 Best Smartphone News – get up to date, simple reviews, tips and suggestions for you to find the best smartphone for you!

There’s a massive amount content already on the net, and we’ve looked at various articles and linked them to help you. A number of that we’ve specified are among the very best out there and we deemed them for the reason that they’ve gathered wonderful reviews and benefits of technological wearable gadgets and their reviews of the items.

These are noteworthy resources for you to take into consideration what you may want to pair your new smartphone with and check out the links to stay up to date!

As stated much earlier within this blog post you should anticipate more smartphone news in coming days, weeks and months.

But Wait! There’s More To Know In Smartphone News!

Google market trends in the past – with any new smartphone, there’s always an entire side enterprise subsequent suit, and with some of the new smartphones now available, meaning there’s a whole lot of toys to use with them!
So wait for a lot more toys and applications and add-ons affiliate products promote and enhance the new smartphones coming soon.

With the rumors of the iPhone 6 being released there are some additional items currently in the news, and the big one is the idea that Apple will release it’s own version of wearable technology.

Much like the much-rumored iWatch will probably be upcoming to rival the Samsung and LG watches. This will produce a momentum to produce a whole slew of new wearable watches in order to keep step and attempt to steal some of Apple’s noise.

From new smartphones, unique deals on existing smartphones, service good deals from carriers like t mobile and Verizon,there’s an unbelievable amount of smartphone news to find and keep track.

Here at we’ll update as soon as the Apple event on September 9 takes place to keep you informed of all the present information to help you find the best smartphone for you.
Keep up to date on all the current trends, and if you’re in the market, remember there are a few things to keep in mind before you purchase your new smartphone.

Looking for a new smartphone? Stay up-to-date with all the news you need at
David is a freelance writer and contributor at

3 Tips To Find The Best Smartphone For Your Budget

3 Tips To Guide You Find The Best Smartphone When In The Market For A New Smartphone

Tip #1 Know What You Want To Pay For Your New Smartphone

Do you want a new, NEW smartphone or would you consider a smartphone that is out-of-the-box new to you?  Apple is about to release their much-anticipated iPhone 6, that means there will be huge price breaks on existing iPhones such as the 5c or 5s.

That means that all current iPhones are priced at a premium, but once the release considering the iPhone 6 comes out, the 5s and 5c will certainly be cheaper. If you don’t mind not having the most current variety, you can get an awesome phone at a much reduced cost. This will save you tons of money in the long run.

Tip #2 What sort of Phone company Would You Like With each of your New Smartphone?

From T-Mobile to ATT to Verizon and beyond, there are several alternative smartphone agencies available for your brand new smartphone.

We’ve looked at a number of different critiques and 1 we like is at cell phone providers. So head over there and have a look at this article for available choices to assist you review the different plans, services and rates.

For example, if you want regional insurance policy there are plenty of short-term contract regional carriers to choose from but if you have plans to travel, especially overseas, you need to know the differences that ATT and Verizon offers.

Have you heard that Verizon is more accessible in North America but cannot be unlocked overseas, while ATT is significantly more global in their reach?

Nobody wishes to be caught up in a secured contract that loses calls or is not as accessible in places you live or travel. Investigate the sort of smartphone service providers and all the available options that make sense for you and your loved ones.

You’ll want reasonably affordable costs with great customer support and an insurance back-up plan that fits how much you have to spend.

In the long run it’ll save you time, money and hassle. 

Tip #3 The Very Best Smartphone Ought to be Easy To Use

We’re all familiar with the joke about the old person who bought a VCR or DVD player and when you return for a visit five years later and the clock was still blinking noon!

That’s because for them the programming of the appliance was not intuitive or conveniently functional. It didn’t make sense for them. It was complicated or there were steps that we’re taken for granted by the programmers that everyone understood.  We see this all the time in other areas of technology.  What’s difficult for you is simple for your kid.

Apple makes a lot of their goods easily usable especially to integrate with other Apple Products. Another company that’s figured this out is Samsung who makes a great new smartphone, the Galaxy s5, that is both usable and easy.

Regardless you will most likely find the best smartphone for you designed to fit the amount you have to spend, the service has got the ideal payment plans and the device is actually very simple to use.

These 3 tips may appear to be a no-brainer, but they’re usually the ones most overlooked.

Use these 3 tips to look for the best smartphone and you will surely come away happy and be able to get what you need at a the pricetag you can surely have enough money!

For more tips, ideas and suggestions for the best smartphone for you, check out for more!