The Best Smartphone For Productivity Is Built By?…

In the marriage between our personal lives and business obligations, too often we sacrifice our time at the altar of productivity.  Everyone knows that time is the most slippery and delicate of things we deal with in our day-to-day lives. It’s a commodity that has absolute value, and one we cannot afford to keep.

So the challenge is to find productivity and efficiency hacks to save time and in the process, our energy. In that vein, we got to think about what is the best smartphone for productivity and efficiency.

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Take Note, The Samsung Galaxy Line Is Great BUT…

(for review of the best smartphone on the market read this article)

These are great “phablet” style phones for entertainment, but not great for business or productivity. They are built with some of the largest displays and highest resolution screens of all the best new smartphones right now, but they also come with some serious flaws.  And these flaws may have serious ramifications that may affect your efficiency hack.

The primary issue is that it relies on a number of third-party hacks. This issue is due to their reliance on outside developers for their Apps marketplace and Software. By so doing, they have some increased flexibility with allowing more developers to create more and more Apps, but that also means with great access comes a lower level of security. And in any conversations that involve a discussion of the best smartphone for productivity, than just this fact alone makes them disqualified.

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How can third-party Apps increase security risks?

Imagine if you had a bank account that you allowed everyone in your neighborhood to have access to with little-to-no paper trail or accountability. That’s how third-party Apps work. While the positive of third-party developers is a larger volume of options available, it also means that there is a ton of poorly designed and riskier Apps. And once you purchase them, they have access to anything and everything on your phone.

Don’t risk your most important, valuable information to any number of unknown hackers.  Protect your data like you would your life and you’ll be able to improve your productivity safely and securely.

So Who Makes The Best Smartphone For Productivity And Security? Apple…

Apple, Inc. is that one company that is a perfect blend of productivity and efficiency. They also built iconic iPhone brand with an incredible suite of Apps in every phone. Every iPhone comes with an amazing suite of built-in Apps such as their documents App called Pages, to their spreadsheet functions App called Numbers and Keynote for presentations. These Apps being factory installed means that there is absolutely no reason to expose yourself to the risk of third-party software.

Additionally, the mailbox and calendar Apps included as part of your device helps sync any email address and daily activity. By coordinating mail and your calendar, you can set your device to remind you of daily, weekly and monthly reminders for appointments, meetings, and other important events. What this all means for you the end user, is that you have an incredible amount of resources at your disposal to make this the best smartphone for productivity. All of this also allows iPhones to communicate with other devices, specially made by Apple, to communicate flawlessly as well.

If you’re looking to improve your efficiency and save time, then finding ways to increase productivity in a safe manner is critical.

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The Best Smartphone 2014 May Already Be Obsolete

When is enough, enough?  Sometimes upgrading may only be a partial improvement over what already exists.  And with the releases of the best smartphones 2014, what we can expect in 2015 are mild upgrades and updates. If you’ve been looking, or will be looking for any best smartphone on the market, below we offer a few suggestions to assist you.

Don’t be fooled.  Most of the new releases this year will be just minor improvements, half-steps in technology.  They will be little adjustments, Apps and gadgets that try to pry you from your money.  Look at all the previous smartphone releases and you can see the pattern clearly.

That doesn’t mean that the releases won’t be the best new smartphones available, especially if you were under contract with your previous phone during the mass release in 2014.  What that means is that once you’re free to find a new phone, you can choose the newest ones or you could consider picking up the older version of a phone at a reduced price.  For example, Apple is thought to have the iPhone 6s in the works for possible release.  The idea is the release would be sometime late 2015 or 2016.  If they do add a 6s to their brand, their mode during these releases has been to lower prices on existing stock.

If you’re looking for an existing model from all the released best smartphones 2014, you can find a number of RESOURCES to help you.  There are online retailers like Amazon and Alibaba that offer all the best new smartphones available at all types of price ranges. These aren’t the only only retailers, obviously, but they are the most trusted and carry the largest inventory.

Another option to consider is to get your phone through a service provider.  For example, Verizon and AT&T offer all the best new smartphones through their stores and offers a number of flexible data plans to assist you in finding the best deal. If you don’t want to be locked into a specific data-rate plan, Cricket, Boost Mobile and Sprint offer more flexible options for any best smartphone on the market.

Last, you can save money by reselling your older model phone and get credits toward the purchase of a new one.  Apple has a trade-in program that allows you to sell your older iPhone back to them and they will give you credit toward the purchase of their newer iPhone models.  This can be a great strategy to get a new phone once you’re free of your current data plan.  This path is not limited to Apple and a simple Google search will help you discover some great other options.

With the wave of recent phones that were released at the end of the year, how to find a deal on the best smartphone on the market can be tricky.  If you want the best smartphone 2014, if you can wait until the releases that are sure to come in 2015, you’ll find an amazing deal.

As we asked, when is enough, enough? Just because there are upgrades and new releases doesn’t mean that those releases are actually better.  Often times they are mere half-steps from an existing model.  And with 2015 upon us, we can expect that all the best new smartphones that were just released will have minor improvements over the existing models.  And if you don’t get caught in the hype and hoopla, you can find an amazing deal on the recently released new phones.

For more tips on how to find the best smartphone on the market, find the best smartphone camera and get deals on all the best new smartphones, check out our sister blog at 10 Best Smartphones today.

End Of The Year Best Of List: Top Smartphones Of 2014

It happens every year.  Like a broken clock is correct twice a day, you can count on it happening, and this year is no different.

What are we talking about? The end of the year awards and best of lists.  From best smartphone camera to top smartphones, the latest smartphone news and more, there are lists for everything.

And there’re everywhere.

Like bacteria these lists are prominent. Capital ‘P’ – prominent.

From best music, TV shows, movies, sporting events and more, the best of lists are one of the most reliable incidents every year. There are lists on lists on lists.

We’ve seen the top 10 lists of cat fails on YouTube, we’ve seen Best Of Independent Movies online.  Like we’ve said, these lists are everywhere.

At 10 Best Smartphones they just published the top smartphones of 2014 and include the top 8 as they see it. With iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones and more, their list includes a number of the best new smartphones, and some on their list may surprise you. This is the latest in smartphone news and the list includes a number of great tips to help you see the best of 2014.

While the list doesn’t delve into the best smartphone camera, you can get a general idea of the best of the best new smartphones.  The list of top smartphones also includes opportunities to save money and get great deals on all the smartphones on their list.

Regardless of what you think is the best of the best, looking at these lists can help reinforce your thoughts or expose you to something new.  You should spend some time and look around at these lists.  Especially if you’re looking for a great deal on one of the best new smartphones.

With the end of the year already here, the Best of Lists is a great way to compile a lot of information in a snapshot to help you.  The more you know the easier it is to decide on your next phone.

If you’re interested in finding deals on the best new smartphones out there right now, you need to look at the 8 top smartphones of 2014 on the 10 Best Smartphones blog.  Click the link above to read the article or click HERE to see the list!

Get Top Smartphones At Cheap Prices, Here’s How

We’ve written at length about ways to help you save money on all the top smartphones on the market.  From scouring the Internet for a daily deal to using a 3rd-party retailer and more, we’ve loaded our sister blog with a huge number of tips and suggestions to help you.

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For example, we wrote about using a 3rd-party retailer like Amazon and Alibaba to find a sale price online.  If you have an older smartphone, we’ve shown how you can use Amazon and trade-in the phone to get a price that makes sense.  By trading in your older version of the top smartphones out there, you’ll save money on an easy upgrade.  Often times this is an overlooked opportunity to get one of the best new smartphones cheap.

Another tip we’ve suggested is using Amazon.  By having a huge list of providers and huge volume of sales, Amazon and Alibaba are able to drive the price of a phone down.  If you sign-up for notifications on a certain phone, they’ll even send you emails telling you ahead of the sale!  This is a great way to save money and get the best new smartphones at unbelievable prices.

One more tip we’ve written about is using a service provider like Boost Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and more to underwrite the phone.  By using a service provider to buy you’re new phone, they’ll offer you a contract and that deal will lower the cost of the new phone.

Get a great deal on a new phone from sprint by clicking the link below:

From best smartphone camera rankings to the best new smartphones, our sister blog at 10 Best Smartphones (dot) com is loaded with great material, tips and suggestions to help you find the best deal on any of the top smartphones.  And if you need a little help finding the resources suggested on the site, we link some of our favorite options to help you even more.  Just check out the resources page at 10 Best Smartphones to find an amazing deal on a new phone, service and accessories.

There are some incredible resources to help you find great deals on all the top smartphones.  From Amazon to service providers, you can get a new phone on terms that make sense for you and your family.  Other resources to help you research a little more are websites like Business Insider and TechCrunch among others.  They offer a huge wealth of articles from product reviews to ranking the best smartphone camera and more.  Check them out and find out more about all the best new smartphones.

If you’re looking around for a new phone and are unsure what type of phone you want and how to get it at a price you desire, what do you do? It may take some work but all the information is available online.

You Can Still Find Deals On Top Smartphones

How Do You Find Deals Now That Cyber Monday Is Over?

Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, you can find some awesome prices on the top smartphones if you know where to look. Look, we know you’re busy. It seems we’re all more and more busy every year so we understand that you may have missed the start of holiday shopping. Perhaps you were waiting for a paycheck, or was unavailable to shop on those days.  Maybe even, you had to work (eek) on those days and shopping was the last thing on your mind. Whatever the reason doesn’t matter, you missed it and that’s that.

Or is it? If you missed out on the start of holiday shopping and the deals that come with it, don’t stress.  Here’s what to do if you missed out on these deals and want to save money.

From iPhones to Galaxy phones, the Google Nexus 6 and many, many more, shopping online will save you time, energy and money on all the best new smartphones available.  Without further ado, we offer the following tips to help you find a great deal on the top smartphones for you and your loved ones this holiday season.

  1. Shop direct with the retailer.  Shopping directly with Apple, Samsung and on the Google Play market place will help you find some deals that are otherwise unavailable in stores. These deals may be on the best new smartphones, refurbished smartphones and sales on existing models of older phones. Any way you look at it, you’ll find some great deals directly through the manufacturer and retailer.
  2. Purchase a phone through a service provider. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and more service providers offer all the top smartphones under a traditional two-year contract to help lower the purchase price of the phone.  If you have credit problems or want one of the best new smartphones on a more flexible data plan, you can always consider getting your next phone from a prepaid company like Boost Mobile can help you save as well. Click the link if you’re interested in deals from Sprint or Boost Mobile on any of your new phones.
  3. Check out online retailers such as Amazon and Alibaba. From Apple to Samsung and all the big boys on the smartphone market, Amazon and Alibaba as online retailers offer some incredible offers as well.  From contract to unlocked phones, as well as offering trade-in specials, both Amazon and Alibaba have a huge inventory of providers to help you find the best deal for your top smartphones.

By using these tips you should be able to find a great deal on any of the best new smartphones on the market.  Top smartphones should cost top dollar, but if you shop uniformed they may cost you more than you want to spend.  Don’t get suckered and pay top dollar.

This holiday season, save money on all the best new smartphones.  Shop direct, online or through a service provider and save an incredible amount of money.  You’ll be happier and the holiday season will be less stressful for you and your family.  After all, family is what the holiday’s are truly about, so enjoy your self a little more and pay way less.

Save Money On The Best Smartphone Camera

At 10 Best Smartphones, we’ve written a huge number of posts in a short amount of time to help you find a great deal on your next smartphone.  From holiday deals, to ranking the best smartphone camera and top smartphones, we passionately pursue all the information we can find to offer up to you. From Business Insider to TechCrunch and 10 Best Smartphones, finding the information you need to save money has never been easier.

Find Deals On The Most Popular Smartphones

With all of the new smartphones out there today it can be tough to decide which one ranks as the top smartphone. If you’re shopping for the best smartphone camera, it can be even more difficult to decipher all the news. If you’re shopping for a holiday gift or simply looking to upgrade your current cellphone, knowing where to look is as important as what you want to buy. This never-ending stream of news can be more than overwhelming if you allow it.

So don’t let it overwhelm you.

Think of it like eating a steak. From filet mignon to a rib eye, you know that you can’t just shove the entire steak into your mouth. That’s why restaurants bring you a steak knife; you’ll need to slice it up into bite sized pieces and eat it bite by bite. The holiday’a are already stressful enough, and nobody wants to perform the Heimlich on someone choking on a whole steak. Eat slowly.

Another example is if you run marathons, you know you can’t train for by running a marathon every day. Who has that kind of time? Even if you did have the time, it wouldn’t be long before your body would break down, your knees would disintegrate, and your back would ache. You have to train in small portions and increase, or decrease your distance accordingly.

Find A Great Deal For The Best Smartphone Camera This Holiday, Here’s How…

What you need to look for is a website or blog that summarizes all the features and key aspects, ranking the top smartphone into lists to help you find what you need. These resources should focus on all of that information and summarize it for you into small bunches. Find the best smartphone camera by using the following 3 tips. In order you want to find information about the Technical Features, Cell Phone Service Providers and Price.

Technical Features: These are the hardware of your new cell phone. Think of these as the nuts and bolts, the actual body, blood and guts of your respective new phone. Included in these reviews should be software features that highlight the best aspects that make these smartphones run efficiently. The reviews should also focus upon the physical makeup of the screen face and body.

Another important point is to know about your new phone is what operating system it runs on and just how might it integrate between other devices and your phone.

All of these features can make a massive difference in the phone’s performance. Just like a professional marathon runner, the hardware is what the marathon runners body type, its software is the training and nutrition to make it operate efficiently.

Service Providers: Who do you want to pay to get cellphone service and what services do you expect for that price?

What if you break the camera lens on the best smartphone camera that you found? Does your service provider help insure your investment?

Also, what type of data plan do you want? A two-year standard contract or a month-to-month deal? By knowing what options you may have, you’ll be better equipped to make a decision that helps save you money. Unfortunately, most people overlook this minor detail. And by overlooking this minor, yet critical detail, it ends up costing more for your best smartphone camera than you should pay, especially over the life of the smartphone.

Price Point: This is very simple, how much do you want to pay? Are you shopping for a new smartphone for yourself, a loved one, or business? What do you want to pay for a new phone and what do you expect to get in return for that price? Some phones are made available only through the original manufacturer. Others have moved away from this business model. Google now offers their new Google Nexus 6 with a standard two-year service contract to subsidize the price of a new phone as opposed to being sold exclusively on their Google Play store.

One benefit with the range of new phones that you can purchase today is that the existing stock is obtainable for a reduced rate. This liquidation makes it a breeze to find a cheap phone. As we’ve said, when you’re seeking out a new smartphone there is a mountainous amount of data to consider about.

Find the facts and know what you need to find the best deal.

By searching for these three tips, you will discover a great smartphone at an incredible deal. Take the time to review technology articles and consumer electronic sites.

There’s a lot of information available online that you can find about any subject.

Especially in peak periods like the holidays, there can be an overwhelming amount of info, sales and deals. A website like Business Insider or TechCrunch can be awesome resources, as can blogs like 10 Best Smartphones.

These sites will help you find all the information you need to know in order to find an amazing deal while shopping for your next cellphone.

The time spent will help save you money. Additionally, this will make your shopping experience more enjoyable and help your smartphone usage that much better.

Don’t spend money impulsively, it’ll cost you more. Check out the RESOURCES page at 10 Best Smartphones to find great deals on your next smarpthone.